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Nashville, TN

This video is EXACTLY why I nominated Ryne Hambright for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Enjoy.

I have accepted my friends’ Ice Bucket Challenge.  I have called out some more friends.  Please go to to learn more about ALS and how else you can help.  I’ll be putting some items up on eBay soon, from my touring past.  Where the actions end is what I will donate.  Thanks for watching!

Chicago, Toronto, Middletown & Boston

Played my first out of state show last night in Chicago! Thanks again to Tobin and 6’10 for having me!

Home Pt. 2

I Want To Play For You!

Hey folks!  Starting in a few weeks, I’ll be on the road for my guitar teching job and I’ll have a bunch of days off.  So, I’d love to fill those days off with solo shows!  I’ll play anywhere…Bars, Venues, Houses…wherever!  Or, If you’re a local band/artist and want to put a show together, that’s cool too!  I love meeting local musicians and playing together!  If you are interested, please check out the dates below and shoot me and email!  

Where I’ll Play:  Anywhere!  Bars, Venues, Houses…Etc.

How Much:  Name your price!  Free?  Cash?  Tips?  Food?  Drinks? Whatever!

What I Need:  PA system, if where I’d be playing doesn’t have one.  Possible transportation to where I’d be playing.

What I Sound Like:

Contact Me:


August 2nd - Chicago, IL

August 6th - Hartford, CT

August 8th - Boston, MA

August 30th - Philadelphia, PA

September 2nd - Virginia Beach, VA

September 8th - Atlanta, GA

September 11th - Dallas, TX

September 15th - Charlotte, NC

September 23rd - Denver, CO

September - 25th - Albuquerque, NM

September 29th - Sacramento, CA

*More Dates Coming Soon



Luxembourg, Wales & Ireland