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I Want To Play For You!

Hey folks!  Starting in a few weeks, I’ll be on the road for my guitar teching job and I’ll have a bunch of days off.  So, I’d love to fill those days off with solo shows!  I’ll play anywhere…Bars, Venues, Houses…wherever!  Or, If you’re a local band/artist and want to put a show together, that’s cool too!  I love meeting local musicians and playing together!  If you are interested, please check out the dates below and shoot me and email!  

Where I’ll Play:  Anywhere!  Bars, Venues, Houses…Etc.

How Much:  Name your price!  Free?  Cash?  Tips?  Food?  Drinks? Whatever!

What I Need:  PA system, if where I’d be playing doesn’t have one.  Possible transportation to where I’d be playing.

What I Sound Like:

Contact Me:


August 2nd - Chicago, IL

August 6th - Hartford, CT

August 8th - Boston, MA

August 30th - Philadelphia, PA

September 2nd - Virginia Beach, VA

September 8th - Atlanta, GA

September 11th - Dallas, TX

September 15th - Charlotte, NC

September 23rd - Denver, CO

September - 25th - Albuquerque, NM

September 29th - Sacramento, CA

*More Dates Coming Soon



Luxembourg, Wales & Ireland

Latvia & Sweden

Poland & England

Revenge Of The OC Supertones Turns 10


This album is 10 years old…What?  ”You guys were still a band 10 years ago?”

When we (The Supertones) went into the studio to record Revenge, we knew exactly what we wanted to do.  We were well prepared, with the exception of a few parts and some fun experimenting in the studio.  We didn’t care that ska was far from popular.  We didn’t care if we got the “You guys are still together?” comments either.  We didn’t know it would be our last album, but we wrote and recorded it that way.  This would be the first time we worked with Mark Townsend as a producer.  He seemed like a perfect fit and he was.  The outcome exceeded our expectations.  This may be one of our worst selling albums, but it’s still my favorite.  We, unknowingly, were about to start a debt filled downhill ride to the end of the band and I loved it.  Sure, there were frustrations and things we could have seen coming, but that last year and a half on the road were EASILY my favorite.

In 2003, Matt, Dan and I started writing like crazy for a new album.  I was living in Nashville at the time and we would spend hours in Matt’s basement, hacking out ideas and piecing together songs.  We would demo them on an old hard disk recorder I had.  By September of 2003, I had moved back to Southern California.  We wrote the rest of the album long distance and would get together in Nashville a few times to finish songs.  There were a few times where I had those 3AM ideas and couldn’t go to bed til I finished them.  2 of those ended up being “Prince Of Peace” and “Faith Of A Child.”

As all of these songs started to take shape, they instantly became my favorites.  That’s usually the case when you write new songs.  Listening back to those 12 tracks though, there’s still not one I dislike.  We would start playing them live and not only would the songs get better, but we loved them even more.  Before this, we would change things about songs so they’d be better live.  So we thought, why not write them that way?  If I ever meet someone who used to liked the Supertones, but checked out years before, I’ll tell them to check out Revenge.  It’s easily my proudest musical moment with the band.

Recording the album was an absolute blast.  I didn’t want it to end.  We recorded it at Dark Horse Studios in Franklin, TN.  I could be wrong, but I believe we started in Early 2004.  I just remember it was cold.  We were so prepared that we blew through the recording process in 11 days.  I ended up paying all the bass on the record as well.  We spent the last 3 days adding little bells and whistles to songs.  Since we finished early, we had the time to bring in a musical hero of ours for some guest spots.  John Davis (Superdrag) came to the studio and played keys, sang backups and also did the guitar solo on “Transmission.”  We all loved Superdrag and it was such an honor to have him play on our record.  John and I are still friends and live close to each other in Nashville.  Because of that meeting, I ended up playing different instruments for him, at his solo shows.  Our friends in Bleach also came in to do some gang vocals with us.  I still can’t believe we had the time to squeeze in our most ambitious song on that album, “Dream Of Two Cities.”  The Supertones doing a 10 minute song was crazy.  It ended up being my favorite track and I wish we could have played it live.

When we started to get mixes for the album, it was so exciting.  We didn’t care how many people bought the album.  We were just happy it was coming out like we had hoped.  I remember getting an email that a new mix was ready for us to check out.  We were driving to a show somewhere in Central California.  We pulled over, got on the wifi at Starbucks and hopped back in the van to listen to it.  It was like hearing your first finished album.  I’ll never forget that.  

In that last year and a half, we dealt with SO MANY ups and downs.  But whether there were 2000 people or 20, we played our hearts out, all the way to the end on October 6th 2005.  Playing that last show with 30+ songs in the set was incredible.  To play the songs from Revenge and hear so many people singing along was such an incredible feeling.  I will never forget that last year and a half.  I will always cherish that time on the road and making music with my friends Matt, Dan, Chief, Beaty, John & Bret.  Thank you guys for that.  

Germany & Austria

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New Orleans, London, Glasgow & Dubai